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Sew Fine Studio uses age appropriate curriculum and projects to teach the skill and art of sewing. We offer classes, camps, workshops and birthday parties in Knoxville, Tennessee.

About Linda

Linda Miller in the Workroom

My love of sewing began at 7 years of age, when my mother taught me how to make pillows by hand. I then graduated to a hand-cranked machine, and later used her machine to make my own clothes throughout my teen years. I’ve always enjoyed creating unique and useful items. As a mom, I made many clothes for my children, like new pajamas every year for Christmas Eve. As a grandma I enjoy creating gifts for my grandchildren from pj's to tents!

I still love sewing and learning new skills. But I also want the next generation to learn to sew. It is wonderful to sense their excitement at making their first creations while I get to pass along my passion for sewing.